What our patients have to say about vision correction surgery…

Maria K. – Florence, MA

I wish I’d done it sooner! Many friends of mine who’ve had this surgery said I would feel this way and I do. The surgery was quick and mostly painless. Dr. Shatz was not only professional but comforting through the procedure. It is an amazing moment to wake up the next day and see without glasses or contacts. Or to drive and realize you are seeing and reading signs with your own eyes. I would do it again in a second and recommend LASIK and Dr. Shatz without hesitation!

Amy W. – South Hadley, MA

I don’t think I could have had a better experience. My vision is now 20/20. Dr. Shatz is and was fantastic. He answered every question I had and eliminated any concern about the procedure.

Eric B. – Shelburne Falls, MA

My LASIK experience with Hampden Custom Vision & Dr. Shatz was very positive. Everyone involved in the process was supportive and professional. All of my concerns & questions were answered thoroughly and I felt the staff did everything possible to make this a positive experience. I am very pleased with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Shatz and HCV to anyone else considering laser vision correction.

Anna B. – South Salem, NY

The doctors were all very professional. They answered all questions before, during and after the surgery. They worked efficiently together as a team. I was very informed as to what my post-operational care would be. They provided samples that lasted over a week. I am now a 20/20 person and could not be happier to be rid of contacts/glasses.

Joy J. – Hadley, MA

I feel great! I’ve talked about it for over 3 years, so I finally said, “I’m doing it!” I don’t know why I waited so long! I can’t tell you how good it feels to not have to fumble for my glasses in the morning (being half blind). The technology is incredible! I did not feel a thing. The entire staff was wonderful, and full of knowledge. They treated me very kindly with professionalism. I would do it all over again in a heart beat! Hampden Custom Vision is the best! Thank you.

Jessica C. – Granby, MA

Everyone was very supportive and informative. I could ask any questions and felt very comfortable. The procedure itself was much easier than I expected. The most discomfort is from the clamp that keeps the eye open, and it is minimally uncomfortable. I got used to it quickly. I didn’t feel anything else… I was able to see right after, had some burning (not much), went home relaxed and went to bed. The next morning it only felt like I had my contacts in. I had no burning or itching. Thank you!

Jennifer C. – Williamsburg, MA

My experience in having LASIK surgery through Hampden Custom Vision has been exceptional from start to finish. The staff was extremely professional, courteous, and personable, as was the talented surgeon who performed my surgery with state of the art equipment. My vision has changed dramatically and I am ecstatic with the phenomenal results.

Wayne B. – Easthampton, MA

It is painless, fast, post-op is easy. When I got out of bed the next day I could see without any glasses and could read the newspaper and that was only 12 hours after the LASIK treatment. Great job!! And thank you!

Frank D.

I had an excellent experience with my cataract and lens implant surgery. Dr. Shatz was great. The entire staff was professional and sensitive to my needs. Thanks again.


Am not exactly sure what a testimonial is, but here goes –

Dr. Shatz has been my eye doctor for many years and I trust whatever he says about my vision. So when he said my left eye should have cataract surgery – I trusted him. It ain’t no picnic and nobody said it would be. However he and his staff kept me well informed about what to expect thru the whole process and they treated me with respect and dignity the whole time, up to and including giving me a warm blanket when I said I was cold, and muffins and a drink when we were finished. Now a couple more weeks of healing and I’ll be as good as new—or at least in my case, better than old.

Patrick B.

For several years, my vision had been getting worse. The doctor suggested I get cataract surgery on both eyes. The procedure was easy and the results are amazing. The colors are vivid again and I can see like I could when I was a teenager. I would recommend this to anyone. Everyone here is helpful and professional. I’m grateful for everything.


I Had a wonderful experience from start to finish Dr. Shatz and staff made me feel very comfortable.The actual procedure was quick and I didn’t feel a thing!The recovery process went very smoothly I was back at work with my normal routine In no time! Now I have 20/20 vision one of the best decisions I ever made.

Carol P.

My cataract surgery with Dr. Shatz was very successful. These people were meticulous in the preparation, surgery, and post op. They measured twice and cut once! I now have 20/20 vision for the first time in 53 years. Thanks Dr. Shatz and staff!

Erica D.

My experience with Dr. Shatz for LASIK was incredible! Dr. Shatz spoke to me throughout the surgery to keep me calm and make sure I was comfortable. I am loving the results! Would do it again, and would recommend LASIK with Dr. Shatz in a heartbeat.

John T Kidder

I had cataract surgery two weeks ago, performed by Dr. Shatz. The results are astonishing, really wonderful. I am amazed to find myself writing that the experience of any sort of surgery was pleasant, but it was in this case. The West Springfield center struck me as friendly and extremely efficient. I look forward to getting my other eye repaired, so that I can fully see the colors of the world.